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Quality policy

Domoplast Srl considers the quality of products, services and processes, a priority and an essential condition for the continuity and growth of the company.
Aware of this, we believe that the implementation of a quality management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard is valid to operate in full accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations, while providing also a competitive advantage.

This is why the company provides the necessary resources and commits to operate according to the following strategic guidelines:

  • strong attention to issues related to the protection of the environment, safety and compliance with related laws and obligations;
  • continuous improvement of its quality performance on the basis of the indicators identified and in order to satisfy customer requests;
  • staff awareness and training on qualitative aspects of the production cycle and involvement of suppliers in the improvement process;
  • correct and careful use of human resources, energy and materials necessary for carrying out the activity in order to contain costs;
  • high level of attention on emerging technologies, to identify the technical, economically sustainable solutions that allow greater effectiveness and efficiency, while improving the quality of products;
  • disclosure of quality policy among customers, suppliers of products and services, representatives of local authorities, citizenship and anyone who requests it.

To this purpose, we are constantly committed to ensuring that the culture of quality becomes an integral part of the whole organization, bearing in mind that this is a winning aspect for the image of the company from the outside. This policy is a constant reference framework for establishing, achieving and reviewing the quality objectives that the company aims to achieve. This policy is properly spread, kept active and operating within the organization, so it is the responsibility of each employee to respect and apply it.

ISO Certifications