Mould construction & maintenance

Domoplast offers high quality made in Italy injection moulds, made in our facility by our small staff with 40 years of combined experience, or outsourced if necessary to local toolmakers where we can keep close controls on the process.

We invest in emerging technologies such as computer aided part and mould designs, state-of-the-art quality control and advanced robotics to offer complete plastics engineering design services. We provide rapid manifacturing and product development services which include form studies, functional, visual, and proof of principle prototypes. Our experienced design staff uses specific modelling programs to develop parts for functionality and manufacturability.

Our in-house tool room, is one of the most important factors that sets us apart from many others. Having a tool room in the same facility has several advantages: you are able to work with the same people "From Conception to Completion", reducing lag time in communication between suppliers, additionally, the people building the tooling are the same people putting it into production. That way you know that the plastic injection mould life will be designed to coincide with the life of your product, and built with the best material and workmanship available in your price range, because we have a vested interest in a mould that runs efficiently as well!
It enables us to significantly reduce downtime and cost when problems arise in production, saving our customers time and money.

Your mould will be designed and built by true craftsmen using CAD/CAM software, and CNC and EDM equipment. Our extreme attention to detail ensures that the plastic injection moulds and our custom injection moulding will meet or exceed your requirements.
Our mould maintenance department is equipped with electoerosion correction plants, a CNC processing centre as well as traditional machine tools.


Domoplast injection moulding

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